Monday, March 26, 2012

3 Artefacts. Changed/Remained

This jar above are used as storage spaces in the past. As people in the past lives in small living areas, they do not have much storage space unlike people now who has store rooms together in their living spaces.

The plates above are used both in the past and still now. However the design on the plate above is very authentic and peculiar. Now not many households have such ceramic plates and plates with such a high value of art.

The objects above are the various daggers used by the Batak Civilization. The hilts of this daggers are crafted in a way to provide more grip. These daggers were used in the past as weapons for hunting. The grips from then have evolved to a much better grip now.

Discoveries in the ACM - The Bataks

   The civilisation of people we researched on is the Bataks. The bataks are a very unique civilisation. The above picture provides detailed information about their culture.

Will the course of the Singapore River change in the future?

Geologically, the course will not change as the walls surrounding the River is concreate and it doesn't gets pushed further unlike the earth and soil in rivers part of the forest or other places. However, it is also up to the government to decide on the course of the Singapore River.


Due to Singapore's increasing construction of buildings, space must be needed. What's more important is that if there is space needed and the Singapore River is in a busy place. In fact it is. The government could possible relocate of change the course of the river to suit the needs of other citizens and people.

Comparisons of Activities between the Early Days & Now

    Singapore River was once a busy port for trade and Singapore River was that mouth of the trade. In the early days, The city of Singapore initially grew around the port as there were more activities there. These are the few pictures of what was done in the early days.

Cargos pulled by animals for trade.

The Singapore river used to be a lively place for children to play around.

Anderson Bridge

Anderson Bridge, last bridge of journey

Coleman Bridge

The very first bridge on our journey towards the ACM

Cavenagh Bridge

One of the bridges passed